I am a patient teacher who works well with students of all ages and musical backgrounds.  I take the time to carefully plan and develop a curriculum and a unique learning experience for each student in a relaxed environment. I teach fun, helpful, informative drum lessons at any skill level.


 Together we will develop your confidence, balance and control and focus while concentrating on the essential elements of drumming: 

Counting and Keeping Time

Balance, Posture  and Coordination



Listening Skills


Sight Reading and Drum Notation

Musicianship and Music Appreciation

Charting/Learning Songs and playing "FOR" the song)

No matter what style of music you wish to pursue,  I can help you develop a feel for drum set, and give you the neseccary skills for learning songs. We will refine your technique and develop the freedom to take your drumming to the next level. 

email me for rates and terms


Mike sharing some of his warm up's with Vinny Appice(Dio, Black Sabbath)