Here are some testimonials from my students:

"Mike Holowatch is the best teacher I have ever had . He not only made me a better player, but he opened my mind musically.  He taught me to not only think as a drummer, but to think, feel and listen as a musician.  I highly recommend taking lessons with Mike,  you will gain great technique and become a very well rounded drummer...   and musician."  

-  Josh Toth 



"I took drum lessons with Mike Holowatch for the better part of two years. His vast depth of knowledge and ability to breakdown and explain concepts, enabled me to not only perform at a higher level, but expand my musical horizons to places I had never thought to venture. Since my time with him, I have continued to record and play shows with various artists, as well as perform with the Monmouth Symphony Orchestra. Everything I learned be it drum technique, sight reading, along with the spiritual side of drumming can be attributed to him.  To this day I continue to work on the exercises and concepts he passed on to me. Mike Holowatch is an asset to the drum community."  

-  Mike Ruvolo



“Mike is a great drum teacher.  He can help you achieve your goals because he has the ability to instruct and to understand a student's strengths and weaknesses and target those problem areas and fix them. He is an extremely talented musician who teaches drumming in many styles of music. He helped me with , technique, ballance, co-ordination, and sight reading.  

Mikes positive approach gave me the confidence I needed to take my drumming to the next level. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or pro, Mike will improve your drumming... That is a 100% guarantee! Much love an appreciation goes out to him.”  

- Susan O'Leary


“Michael is a superb drum instructor with the ability to gain rapport easily. I was thrilled to pick up my old instrument again and Michael has been successful and teaching me the skills I forgot so long ago. To anyone interested in a dedicated and dynamic teacher, please look no further.” - Brianne Sheehan