"For as long as I know him, Mike has been my GO TO guy. He is a great drummer, at the top of his game, very positive and creative, and has chops for days.  I've used Mike on a countless sessions, playing a wide varriety of musical styles and he always makes every song better than I'd hoped for. A consummate professional, the ultimate team player, whether its backbeat on a dirty rock track or some off the wall funk composition, Mike makes it seem effortless. I'm serious DO NOT miss an opportunity to work with Mike. Memorize his cell number. You'll thank me for it later. "

- Matty Spindel - Rick Springfield,  Grammy Award Winning Producer/Engineer - Santana, Fleetwood Mac, Motley Crue, Tom Petty, and Dave Grohl

“Mike is proficient in many styles but beyond that his pocket and feel is immaculate. He plays with finesse and dynamics. He knows what the music calls for at all times. He's extremely easy to work with, and adds to any performance by his sheer energy, positivity and charisma. Great guy”

Gabe Rosales - Bassist/ Ninja/ Producer @Nonsense Productions

"That brother is blessed!"

- Jamey Haddad - Paul Simon

"Mike drumming sounds amazing, many would fold under the pressure I've seen him work under, but Mike rises to the occasion with great results. He always adds a positivity and warmth to a project. He is, as we say back east a total "MENCH" I would love to work with him again, anytime!"

- Ronnie Grinel - Dan Folgleberg, Rick Springfield, Joe Walsh

"Michaels number should be on everyone's speed-dial.  An exceptional drummer for live and studio situations. I speak from experience, Mike is a top notch player."

-David Alon Gielan - L.A. Songwriter/Producer/Mudshark Client

"Michael is a broad-minded musician who understands the subtleties of being a top notch session drummer/percussionist and all the while he's able to  hard when he needs to. His attention to detail combined with his dynamic and creative performances will add a great feel to your project. Michael is the unshakable foundation to your music that lets you build unforgettable artistic experiences for your audience. And your bass player will love him :-)"

- Andrei Averbuch - Musician/Songwriter/Producer

“I hired Michael to lay down drum tracks for an entire CD I was producing. In two days Michael had created and recorded 13 tracks. His approach is creative and tasteful. I will use Michael on my next project. He was a pleasure to work with.”

- Rich Dickerson - Emmy Award winning Composer/Songwriter

"Fantastic drummer! Versatile and very expressive. Rock-solid pocket and great tone."

- Dave Roberts - Session Guitarist

“Michael is a very versatile and talented musician, who brings any project he's involved with up a level. I definitely recommend his playing and have nothing but positive experiences with him.”

- Jimmy Mastandrea - Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Songwriter/Musician/Producer

"If your in need of a drummer you should make him your first call and you won't have to worry at all."

-George Loreto - Band Leader

“Michael has worked with us on more than one occasion. He is very professional, prompt and ready to go! His professionalism and talent is beyond reproach.”

- Random Test Reggae Band

“I had a Brazillian project I was producing and most of the musicians I hired ended up being mixed out because they didn't "get" the music. Michael was not one of them, in fact I paid him a bonus because he "got" the music so well and did it all in one or two takes! That was 12 songs in an afternoon all keepers!! Highly recommended!!!”

- Bobby Sparks - Songwriter/Musician/Producer

“Mike is a great drummer. He can play any style well. If you want a pocket guy, or a banger, Mike will deliver.”

- Mark Scandariato - Songwriter/Musician/Producer